Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 16th - Kicked to the Curb

This dream was totally Ambien induced!

In this dream I was driving to the beach. I arrived at the hotel but there was no parking so I had to park across the street. While walking back to the hotel, I had to walk down a narrow sidewalk that crossed over a small body of water. A family was walking toward me and a small child, that couldn't be no older than 2, was walking ahead of them.

The mother threw her leg up over the child, to make way for me to walk passed them. Why she didn't pick the child up, I have no idea! In the process of her swinging her leg over the child she kicked it into the water.

I immediately ran over to the edge of the sidewalk and the child was floating in the water, already dead, because it's head was decapitated! The woman kept screaming to call 911 and I calmly said to her, "Can't you see that you kicked it's head off?"


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