Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Shot to the Head

I haven't had a real crazy dream in a while, but last night I did.

I was standing outside a store when an Asian man approaches me. He asked me a question that I can not for the life of my remember now. Whatever is was, my answer was "no". His response was "wrong answer" and he then pulled a gun from behind his back. He fired one shot but I didn't react to it. I guess he thought he had missed. He fired another shot and this one I had an immediate reaction to because it hit me in the neck.

I turned around and saw my reflection in the window of the store behind me. Holding my neck, I noticed there was blood coming from the top of my head and running down my face. My first reaction was not to get help, but to grab my cellphone and take a picture! I am sure I would have uploaded to Facebook or Twitter! Evidently, the bullet grazed the top of my head. Talk about being hard headed! I didn't even feel it!

Through out the course of my dream, a bone started to stick out from the hole in my neck. The weird thing is, the wound in my neck was not bleeding, only my head.

Thank you Ambien!